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Closing Down

Why we have to Close The Closure of a business and a word to anyone thinking of following in our footsteps. The clinic is closing after we can no longer sustain the business. We bought in to a licence with the American Parent company (Larada Sciences) through a UK agent (Clear Hair) 2 years ago. […]

Lice free holidays

HOLIDAYS AND HEAD LICE With every holiday season, there is a spike in the number of people looking to find a solution for head lice If you have children in school you may notice there are times of the year when you hear more about head lice outbreaks than usual. It is not your imagination. […]

The best ways to check for head lice

check for head lice – advice on lice. Head lice can be difficult to diagnose because they are difficult to see. Just because a child scratches his or her head doesn’t mean that head lice are present. An itchy scalp can also be caused by unusually dry skin, or conditions such as dandruff, eczema, or […]

Lancashire Lice Clinic helping others

As a business,  Lancashire Lice Clinics are growing. The lice clinic success story means each day brings new opportunities. We get lots of requests for information daily, be it through the websites on the phone or on social media. When Pat Kerr from the Bangladesh project Sreepur village contacted the UK Company, the Lancashire team […]

New Head Lice clinic comes to Lancashire

New head Lice Clinic We are proud to introduce the new head lice clinic in Lancashire, part of Lice Clinics of the UK. We are dedicated to the eradication of Head Lice and their eggs which are the Nits. Its not an easy problem to deal with, we see so many parents frustrated by the […]