Lancashire lice clinics helping

Lancashire Lice Clinic helping others

As a business,  Lancashire Lice Clinics are growing. The lice clinic success story means each day brings new opportunities. We get lots of requests for information daily, be it through the websites on the phone or on social media.

When Pat Kerr from the Bangladesh project Sreepur village contacted the UK Company, the Lancashire team were intrigued. It prompted a fast google to discover more and an instant complete buy in from the team here in the UK

We tend to think of head lice as a western world problem. That’s where we see the news about it and we deal with it daily. But the problem is world-wide. In Sreepur Village Bangladesh it’s a very troublesome issue. The schools the children attend from the project have a no head lice policy. This means all the efforts of the workers in the village to provide a safe home, stability and education can be hampered by these pests. Education in these areas is key to creating a secure future for the children, so anything that prevents it is a problem.


As experts in the field of head lice treatments and suppliers of the AirAllé device Lice Clinics of the UK was approached. With a real solution to the problem which is chemical free we decided to support the village and help. This will help them because it will control the problem with head lice. We are also able to investigate the spread of lice during an infestation.

So here we are preparing for the trip discovering more about the way of life in Bangladesh and to see the struggles first hand will be amazing. We have had injections collected the money (Bangladesh Taka) we have list upon list to take all the consumables and the products. We go on 18th September traveling first to Dubia.


So we will be sure to share the news online as we go. To help the people in the village you can find out more about sponsorship and gifts that keep giving

‘I was really shocked by the issues with head lice in the village, and so often it feels like there is little you can do to help and impact on the lives of these people. However, in this case I can help. I decided to  donate our time to go to Sreepur. We will show the staff at the village how to treat the head lice. Teaching about the system we use we are ensuring it is as effective as possible. The treatment follows three distinct steps and the staff need to know how to get the results”

Gary Barker – Owner Lancashire Lice Clinics



The Sreepur Village is a small non religious non-political UK based registered charity which funds and runs a women and children’s village in rural Bangladesh and a street children project in Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital city.

The Sreepur Village welcomes poverty-stricken mothers and their children and provides them with the tools to improve their life opportunities and break the cycle of poverty. Mothers and their children stay at the Village for up to 3 years where they receive livelihood training and an education; abandoned/trafficked children live permanently at the village or with local foster families until the age 18 or until they have secured employment.

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