heavy head lice infestation

Heavy head lice infestation – what is that?

A heavy head lice infestation occurs when lice take over and you can not clear them. The eggs can build up along the length of the hair shaft and the hair looks dull and is hard to comb. This creates a tangle of hair in some cases. This type of infestation that has accumulated over months even years is not just treated within an hour. It can also sometimes take two treatments.

When we treat a heavy head lice infestation we will need to have you (and family members suffering) in the clinic when we have no other visitors. Combing can take a long time and we charge £25 per extra half hour. Our staff will need to sterilise and cleanse the clinic prior to our next client so we really need you there on time.

in some cases we send a solution for you to treat the hair prior to coming to see us. We also hoover the hair in some cases.

  • Don’t live with this any longer

    This is not right and you need help to get on top of the problem

  • You are spreading the problem

    Lice spread between people by head to head contact. You can be sharing with family and friends.

  • Call for advice

    We can help just call. If you know someone suffering let us help them.

Our Approach.

Our staff are professionals in treating head lice we do this with consideration and we care about how it effects people.

Many people come in an say “I bet you have never seen them this bad” they are embarrassed. They leave us with no lice, no eggs and feel so much better.

We will not be shocked, we will be helpful and we will be able to help.

At the Lancashire Clinic we work with social workers and carers to help adults and children overcome  severe infestations.

I have had lice for 3 years maybe more. I have kids and I clear them and they come back. Its easy to say it changed my life after getting them sorted. I was ashamed and could not go to the hairdresser. I skipped family gatherings. I tried everything!!

Samia Suffering for 3 years

I let the lice get out of control and was so embarrassed. I stopped going out and college kept writing letters about it. I had my lice treated it took hours. Then I could have my hair cut and its now in a manageable style and I have no nits. I do still check weekly!

ClaireAge 16 and fed up with scratching