One Year in treating head lice, nits and eggs

Lancashire lice clinic birthday

We have been open just a year now and its been an interesting time. We already knew all there was to know about head lice but we now also know hundreds of people that have been effected by the problem.

What have we learnt this year and how have we changed

The year has taught us about different levels of head lice infestations. We see parents struggling to cope with the first sighting of head lice, and we meet parents that have been trying to get rid of them for years.

WE meet social workers and carers with children in care or families going through difficult times.

We see more teenagers than we ever expected to see and more adults that work with young people.

New head lice treatment clinic

Lancashires only Head Lice clinic

The clinic inside has not changed much but we are about to expand it. We have had two treatment stations. As the days have got busier we need to expand this and add two more spaces.

The busiest days are Saturdays and we find the clinic is really busy as the kids break up for holidays and just before they go back to school.

Where do people travel from

We have the majority of people from the surrounding area , however we have also had visits from people here on holiday from all over the world. People love the area we live in and often make the visit to us a day out.

New Products added

We are constantly researching what is new and what works for the treatment of head lice. Being part of the worlds largest organisation helps us. We have recently added a range of professional clinic products for retail. The Lice clinics of America Professional range can be purchased in the clinic or we can post it spit to you.

Home treatment kit

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