New head lice treatment clinic

New Head Lice clinic comes to Lancashire

New head Lice Clinic

We are proud to introduce the new head lice clinic in Lancashire, part of Lice Clinics of the UK. We are dedicated to the eradication of Head Lice and their eggs which are the Nits. Its not an easy problem to deal with, we see so many parents frustrated by the problem of reoccurring infestations.

We are  an extension of Lice Clinics Of America. Working together we have have treated thousands upon thousands of adults and children globally using this treatment.


Our trained staff are waiting to offer range of services to suite any budget. However we also offer a service to come out on home visits. Its exciting to be the first to offer this service  in Lancashire and the North west including Chorley, Preston, Manchester, Liverpool, Lancaster, Blackpool, Blackburn and Lytham. The battle to get rid of these unwanted creatures is stepping up.  We are here to help you get rid of them once and for all. Our preventative homecare products will make sure they stay away.

Obviously the service is super child friendly and we have made the whole experience a good one. However it has to be said its good for parents too. They can sit back knowing its all being taken care of.

Oh and don’t Forget to follow us on social Media and look out for educational information in local schools. #BeNiceAboutHeadlice is our campaign to get families talking openly about treating them.

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