New head lice treatment clinic

Closing Down

Why we have to Close

The Closure of a business and a word to anyone thinking of following in our footsteps.

The clinic is closing after we can no longer sustain the business. We bought in to a licence with the American Parent company (Larada Sciences) through a UK agent (Clear Hair) 2 years ago. The US Company took  back the licence and have not continued to support the business and its promised development has been non existent. We have invested what was for us a lot of money in the business. This is now lost.

So sadly we have to close, as we can no longer get the products or the support needed here in the UK. I can only say they are not the company we thought they were initially with high moral values and integrity.

For anyone thinking of dealing with the company, I urge you not to as nothing is ever as it appears, and it all promises. It is a shame as the technology works and the treatment is very effective.

We have had a great success in the area with the service, and we have met some great people along the way. We want to thank everyone we that has helped us here, in particular all the lovely clients we have treated.

It is extremely sad as the service has provided help to social services and parents in the area and outside.